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Academic Service Centers





Approval: Administrative & Clerical Salaries




Approval: Biohazards





Approval: Cost Sharing

Job Aids:


Approval: Financial Conflict of Interest (fCOI)



Approval: Human Subjects (IRB)


Approval: Participation Agreements


Approval: Vertebrate Animals (IACUC)



At-Risk Accounts


(also see “Pre-Award Spending”)




Award Acceptance/Receipt and Setup


(also see “At-Risk Accounts”)



Award Management


(also see “Expenditures on Sponsored Awards”)



Award Closeout


Award Transfer/PI Transfer (Relinquishing/Transferring Institutions)





Bank Accounts





Billing Agreements


Agreement Templates:



(also see “Indirect Costs (IDC), Fringe, and Facilities and Administration (F&A) Rates”)



Non-Federal IDC Budget Tools

Business Expense Reimbursements


(also see “Expenditures on Sponsored Awards”)



Chart of Accounts (CoA)


Change in Tub or Org





Commitments and Contingencies





Compliance and Research Integrity


Conferences/Seminars for Staff






Cost Transfer



Credit Card Payments



Data and Research Security


(also see “Data Use Agreements (DUA)” and “Export Controls” and “Office of Technology Development (OTD) and Intellectual Property (IP)”)


Data Use Agreements (DUA)


(also see “Data and Research Security” and “Export Controls”)



Effort Reporting

Equipment & Capital Assets


eRA Commons


(also see “NIH Awards” and “NIH Proposals and ASSIST”)




Events Sponsored by For-Profit Entities





Expenditures on Sponsored Awards and Responsibilities of Purchasers, Preparers and Approvers (ROPPA)


Export Controls


(also see “Foreign/International Research”)


Fellowships, Postdocs, & Students



Financial Systems Access




Fixed Price Sponsored Awards



Foreign/International Research


(also see “Export Controls”)






GMAS Non-Financial Reports





GMAS Research Team



Award Classification (Gift vs. Sponsored Research vs. Non-Federal)

Harvard Analytics and Reporting Tool (HART)


(formerly known as Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI))




Harvard Use of Names and Insignia and School Name


(also see “Office of Technology Development (OTD) and Intellectual Property (IP)”)


Indirect Costs (IDC), Fringe, and Facilities and Administration (F&A) Rates


(also see “Budgets”)


Non-Federal IDC Budget Tools

Interest Income Paid on Non-Federal Sponsored Funds





Internal Billing Transactions





Interfaculty Involvement (IFI)


(also see “Part of Accounts”)



Internal Transfers





Listservs & Blogs



NIH Awards


(also see “eRA Commons”)

[NIH Policies]

[NIH Guidance & Info]


NIH Proposals and ASSIST


(also see “eRA Commons” and “NIH Awards” and “Proposals for Harvard Chan School”)


[NIH Annotated Forms]


NSF Awards





No Cost Extension (NCE)



Office of Financial Services (OFS)





Login Required:

Login Required:

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Award Lifecycle:




Office of Technology Development (OTD) and Intellectual Property (IP)



(OTD: Industry Sponsored Research Awards. IP: Inventions, Patents, Material Transfer, and Copyrights)


Other Support


(also see “Research Team”)




Part of Accounts


(also see “Interfaculty Involvement (IFI)”)




Petty Cash





PI Dashboard





PI Eligibility


Pre-Award Spending


(also see “At-Risk Accounts”)





Procurement (B2P & HCOM)


HCOM Quick References:

Program Income





Proposals for Harvard Chan School


(also see “eRA Commons” and “NIH Awards” and “NIH Proposals and ASSIST”)


Provost Review Criteria






Reserves for Bad Debt





Restricted Fund Spending Compliance





Revenue Recognition





Short-Term Operating Advances





Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and (STTR) Collaborations




Special Pay on Sponsored Awards


(Parental and Medical Leave, Severance, and Vacation Time)


Subaward, Consulting, Independent Contracting, & Service Agreements


Subrecipient Monitoring



Tax Compliance for External Revenue-Generating Activities in the U.S.


(also known as Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT))







(also see “Business Expense Reimbursements” and “Expenditures on Sponsored Awards”)






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