Resources: Other Support & Biosketch

Harvard Training


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Disclosing Other Support Guidance - Info Training Module

Harvard Training Portal (HTP) training module on Disclosing Other Support


Required for all key personnel on National Institutes of Health (NIH) or National Science Foundation (NSF) awards

Recommended for Grant Managers and Research Administrators

Harvard Research Management Meeting

Recording of Harvard Research Management Meeting on changes to faculty disclosures for NIH and NSF


SciENcv Tutorials

Brief tutorials in the Harvard Training Portal (HTP) on how to use SciENcv to create Biosketches

Please note: SciENcv is not used for Other Support creation, at this time.

Resources for Faculty, Grants Managers, and Central Reviewers


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Agreement Flow Chart (PDF) for NIH


Agreement Flow Chart (MP4) for NIH

Flow chart (both a static and an animated version) to help faculty decide if a foreign contract or agreement may need to be appended to an NIH Other Support. 


Biosketch FAQs for NIH

Harvard FAQs on the changes to the NIH Biosketch format

Consulting Agreement Addendum (rev 12/07/2021) (DOC)

When faculty engage with outside entities in consulting arrangements, this addendum should be included as an addendum to any consulting agreement.

“Electronically Sign a PDF” (How to)

A tutorial on how to create a digital signature and sign with Adobe

FAQs on NIH Other Support

Frequently asked questions from the Harvard community on Other Support, also includes clarifications of NIH FAQs

NIH Disclosures Table

This NIH resources outlines generally what is expected to be disclosed on Other Support vs Biosketch

Other Support and Activities Download GMAS Job Aid


This Grant Management Application Suite (GMAS) Job Aid guides faulty members on how to download the Other Support and Activities report that includes information from GMAS, OAIR and the Data system that may need to be reported on Other Support

Outside Foreign Contracts and Agreements GMAS Job Aid

This job aid guides individuals on how to upload outside foreign agreements for review by a Central Reviewer.

Please note: a reporting individual should upload these agreements to the Outside Foreign Contracts and Agreements repository in their GMAS person repository for review by a Central Reviewer before submitting to NIH.

Guide to NIH Biosketch and Other Support Disclosures

This document is intended to help reporting individuals (i.e. researchers and/or Key Personnel) identify and catalogue resources and activities that must be reported in NIH grant documents. This guide may also help administrators support faculty in preparing accurate and complete submissions of Biosketches at proposal stage and Other Support for Just-in-Time (JIT) and RPPR requests.

Template for Other Support (standard)  


Other Support – Guide (1/25/2022) (PDF)


This is the Harvard version of the NIH Other Support template and a guide that gives specific drafting instructions on the required components in the NIH Other Support template

Template for Other Support (K mentor)

NIH Other Support template for mentors on K awards.  Please refer to the FAQs for specific K instructions

Additional Resources Specific to Grants Managers and Central Reviewers


Summary of Resource

Active and Pending Report GMAS Job Aid


This job aid guides users on how to download the GMAS Active and Pending (APP) report (formerly known as the Current and Pending) in order to review active and pending projects listing in GMAS for potential reporting on Other Support.  Note, reporting individuals have access to an expanded version of this report also (see Other Support and Activities download)

Central Reviewer Guide

Although the target audience for this document is Central Reviewers, this document will guide the user as to what the central reviewer’s role is in the Other Support review process.

Cross Tub Involvement – Review of Other Support (for JITs & RPPRs)

This procedure document outlines how Other Support documents are reviewed and managed when the project involves cross-tub activities

Just-in-Time GMAS Request Job Aid (PDF)

This job aid guides administrators through the new Just-in-Time Request type in GMAS

Outside Activity Agreement Review Checklist (PDF)

This guide is to assist Central Reviewers in reviewing outside foreign agreements