Fishbowl Tuesdays

Fishbowl Tuesdays at the Harvard Chan School are 1 to 1 1/2 hour sessions held on regular basis during the academic year. Over the past year we have covered topics such as Prior Approvals (Letters to Sponsors), Communicating with Your PI About Effort, Federal Disclosure Requirements, International Collaborations and Activities, Provost Criteria and Statement of Work. Copies of presentation materials are sent to attendees via email following each session. Our fall schedule is still in the works and will be posted later in this month. If you missed a session you can find copies of the materials on the Harvard Chan School OFS internal website.

All sessions are currently being held via Zoom. Invitations to attend each session (with Zoom Meeting Info) are sent to our research administrator’s mailing list. Please contact Eileen Nielsen with questions, suggestions or to have your name added to the email list.

Fishbowl Tuesdays Fall 2020 Schedule

December 8, 11-noon Closeout:  GM Perspective Jennifer Neira and Rad Welch