Fishbowl Presentations

Fishbowl Tuesdays at the Harvard Chan School are 1 to 1 1/2 hour training sessions held on a regular basis during the academic year. Since October 20, 2020, we have covered topics such as Prior Approvals (Letters to Sponsors), Communicating with Your PI About Effort, Federal Disclosure Requirements, International Collaborations and Activities, Provost Criteria and Statement of Work. Copies of presentation materials are sent to attendees via email following each session. If you missed a session you can find copies of the materials in the table below (HarvardKey login required).


Upcoming Fishbowl Presentations

All sessions are currently being held via Zoom. Invitations to attend each session (with Zoom Meeting Info) are sent to our research administrator’s mailing list 1-2 weeks before the training date. Please contact Jennifer Neira with questions, suggestions or to have your name added to the email list.

Topic Description Presenter(s) Date/Time
Understanding NIH Training Grants This training will provide a high level overview of NIH Training Grants from submission to closeout.

Beth Kaleta, Senior Sponsored Research Administrator, SPA

Rad Welch, Training Grants Manager, Epidemiology

June 7th, 1pm-2pm
Overview of the Harvard Research Administration Portal This training will review the newly launched Research Administration Portal to equip Research Administrators with information on how they can best use the Portal in their work, supporting faculty members and their research. 

Marilyn Rackley
Senior Business Systems Analyst, HUIT

June 21st, 2:00pm-2:30pm


Previous Fishbowl Presentations (HarvardKey login required)




PowerPoint Presentation

Zoom Video Presentation

At-Risk Accounts This presentation will review the updated procedure for At-Risk accounts at the Harvard Chan School. At-Risk Accounts Procedure: 11.16.21 At-Risk Accounts: Zoom Recording 11.16.21

Billing Agreements

This presentation provides an overview of billing agreements related to research. Viewer should walk away from this with a good understanding of what a billing agreement is and when a billing agreement might be appropriate to use.

Billing Agreements: 11.3.2020

Billing Agreements: Zoom Recording 11.3.2020

Closeout: GM's Perspective

This presentation provides an overview of the Post-award Closeout Process from a Grant Managers' (GM) perspective. Includes a detailed review of OSP's Closeout Checklist and the steps needed to properly closeout awards.

Closeout: 12.08.2020

Closeout: Zoom Recording 12.8.2020

Disclosure Requirements (Faculty Presentation)

This presentation is a snapshot of what, when, and why faculty/researchers need to disclose, as it relates to foreign engagement and new federal regulatory requirements. This presentation was also presented at  department faculty meetings. 

Disclosure Requirements, Harvard Chan School Faculty Presentation: 4.14.2020


Endowment and Restricted Gift Fund Administration

This presentation leads a discussion on what characterizes gift funding and its administration. The information is geared toward GMs who want to know both the big picture and the nitty-gritty on restricted endowment and gift funds.

Endowment and Gift Administration: 3.30.2021

Endowment and Gift Administration: Zoom Recording 3.30.2021

Effort: Communicating with Your PI

This presentation focuses on issues that pose effort risks and how to communicate these risks/issues to your PI.

Communicating with Your PI About Effort: 5.25.2020


Export Controls This presentation will provide a high level overview of export controls at Harvard University. Export Controls: 9.27.2021 Export Controls: Zoom Recording 9.27.2021

Export Controls: Trade Sanctions & International Collaborations and Activities

This presentation provides a high level overview of export controls and trade sanctions; how they impact you/Harvard, how to navigate/resolve issues/questions, and the consequences of not abiding. Recommended course: “Introduction to Export Controls

Export Controls, Trade Sanctions, International Collaborations and Activities: 10.6.2020


Faculty Affairs Overview This presentation will provide an overview of the functions of the Faculty Affairs office, discuss the various faculty appointment types/tracts, review the rules around leaves, and discuss FAQs. Faculty Affairs Overview: 8.24.2021 Faculty Affairs Overview: Zoom Recording 8.24.2021
Faculty Disclosures for NIH & NSF: Grant Manager Training This presentation highlighted important points from the Research Management Meeting (RMM) Faculty Disclosure Training for Research Administrators and included a Q&A period at the end of the session. Faculty Disclosures: Zoom Recording 1.11.2022
Faculty Offers: Forms and Tracking This presentation provides an overview of the financial forms and process around hiring of faculty, along with ways you can track faculty offers. We review offer letters and Offer to the Faculty forms (OTF). Faculty Offer Forms and Tracking: 8.10.2021 Faculty Offer Forms and Tracking: Zoom Recording 8.10.2021

Federal and Non-Federal Cost Recovery

This presentation provides an overview of indirect cost recovery from the Federal and Non-Federal perspective; including what makes up the Federal F&A rate, how it’s determined, and why it differs from Non-Federal rates.

Federal and Non-Federal Cost Recovery: 9.29.2020


Fixed-Price Accounts This presentation will review the updated procedure for Fixed Price accounts at the Harvard Chan School. Procedure: Fixed Price Balances Fixed Price Residual Balance Procedure: Zoom Recording 11.30.21
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This presentation provides an overview of GDPR principles and how the Regulation can impact research projects utilizing “Personal Data” from the European Economic Area and United Kingdom.

Overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): 7.27.2021 Overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Zoom Recording 7.27.2021
Harvard Global Research and Support Services (GSS): Travel, Global Operations, and Grants Administration Overview This presentation broadly covers international travel and operations resources available through GSS, including travel registration, safety and security while abroad, international employment options,  and research center operations. 

Harvard Global Research and Support Services: 6.8.2021


Harvard GSS International Hiring Inquiry Form

Harvard Global Research and Support Services: Zoom Recording 6.8.2021
Harvard Trademark Program and Use of Names and Insignia This training will provide an overview of the Harvard Trademark Program and Use-of-Names policies and guidelines

Harvard Use of Names and Insignia: 10.19.2021


Harvard Use of Names and Insignia Handout: 10.19.2021

Harvard Use of Names and Insignia: Zoom Recording 10.19.2021

HCSRA Walkthrough

This training reviews the HCSRA website. It highlights recent enhancements and key areas for Research Administrators. 


HCSRA Walkthrough: Zoom Recording 3.02.2022

International Collaboration and Activities (GM Training)

This presentation provides an understanding of what is driving recent ICA changes and why they're being implemented now. It also includes an overview of the ICA Approval and GMAS enhancements. 

International Collaboration and Activities (Harvard Chan School GM Training): 6.23.2020



This presentation explains the purpose and components of the Just-in-Time process, with a focus on the NIH. It also shares best practices and reviews applicable internal guidelines for submission of JIT materials.

Just-in-Time: 10.20.2020

Just-in-Time: Zoom Recording 10.20.2020

Letters to Sponsors

This presentation focuses on when to request prior approval from a sponsor and best strategies for drafting formal prior approval letters. They will provide templates and have a discussion on prior approval letters including what to include and attach.

Letters to Sponsors: 4.7.2020

Examples of Letters to Sponsors: 4.7.2020


Modular Budgets

This presentation explains when and why to use modular budgets, determine what documentation is needed, create the budget in Excel, and review how to do a modular budget justification. 

Modular Budgets: 9.22.2020



NIH Other Support Discussion

This session offers guidance on the NIH Other Support (OS). It reviews a case study, addresses recent OS questions from Research Administrators, and highlights key resources. NIH Other Support Discussion: 03.22.22 NIH Other Support Discussion: Zoom Recording 03.22.22

Notice of Award

This presentation focuses on key aspects of federal and non-federal award notices, to enable research administrators to understand key elements of an NoA and communicate them effectively to the PI through the life of the award.

Notice of Award: 10.27.2020

Notice of Award: Zoom Recording 10.27.2020

Other Support This presentation reviews the new changes to Other Support per the notices NOT-OD-21-073 and NOT-OD-21-110; including changes to the document, challenges we are/will face, and attempts to address questions that administrators have. Other Support: 5.4.2021 Other Support: Zoom 5.4.2021
Post Award Metrics (PAM) This presentation focuses on how to utilize the report strategically, reviews the report tabs, highlights what to prioritize, explains how to clear items from the report, and clarifies guidelines and expectations Post Award Metrics: 7.13.2021 Post Award Metrics: Zoom 7.13.2021

Prior Approvals

This presentation explores prior approval requirements. It focuses primarily on NIH awards.

Prior Approvals: 11.17.2020


Provost Criteria

This presentation is designed to explain what the Provost Criteria is, why it’s important, and what you need to do if you have an award that requires Provost review. 

Provost Criteria: 5.19.2020


Subs Gone Wild: Advanced Subaward Management This training provides guidance on complex subaward management issues that Grant Managers may encounter. It reviews pre award, post award, closeout, and case studies. Subs Gone Wild: Advanced Subaward Management 5.24.2022  
Working Effectively with Your PIs This session will focus on fostering trust, communicating effectively, and managing expectations.

Working Effectively with Your PIs: 5.18.2021

10 Easy Steps to Foster Effective Relationships with PIs