Institutional Information

FDP Clearinghouse Profile:

Legal Name:

President and Fellows of Harvard College through the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Major Subdivision:

School of Public Health

Shorthand Versions of the School Name:

“Harvard Chan School” or "Harvard Chan"

Name Change FAQs

Note: The abbreviation “HSPH” should no longer be used as a shortened form of the School’s name in text or speeches, or on signs, awards, or other prominent public displays. The abbreviations “SPH” or “HSPH” should only be used on such items as charts and graphs that require a very small, shortened version of the name. 


Applicant Organization:
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
677 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115-6028

Mailing Address:
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Sponsored Programs Administration
401 Park Drive, 3rd Floor East
Boston, MA 02215-3325

Office Location:
401 Park Drive, 3rd Floor East
Boston, MA 02215-3325
Phone:  (617) 432-8469
Fax:  (617) 998-1099

Administrative Official Signing for Applicant Organization:

Contact your SRA Representative

E-mail for Electronic Notice of Awards:

Type of Organization:

Private Institution of Higher Education (Private Nonprofit)

501 (C)(3) Federal Tax Exemption Letter

Tax ID # (TN):


Entity ID# (EIN):


Congressional District:

MA-007 ( Applications)

AAALAC Accreditation Effective Date:


NIH requirements



DUNS: 149617367
1496173670000 (NIH Applications ONLY)
082359691 HU DUNS (NSF Applications ONLY)

DHHS F&A Agreement Date and Contact:

View Current Agreement (6/17/22)

Michael Leonard
DHHS Representative
(212) 264-2069

Institutional Profile File (IPF) Number:


Harvard CAGE Code:


Vertebrate Animals IACUC/
Animal Welfare Assurance #:

D16-0020 (A3431-01)

Human Subjects Assurance of Compliance #:
OHRP's FWA Database

FWA00002642 (expiration date: 5/11/2026)
Contact: Delia Wolf, M.D., J.D. 384-5486

NIH/DHHS Applications: Do not enter “FWA” before the 8-digit number

IRB Registration No.:


Bank Routing Information:

Contact your SRA Representative

Media Contact:

Todd Datz
Director of News and Online Communication
(617) 432-8413

Where to Mail Payment Checks:


Please Include Project Info with Payment:
Invoice number
Award number
Principal Investigator name
Project title


President and Fellows of Harvard College
P.O. Box 415649
Boston, MA 02241-5649

Send FEDEX payments to:
Bank of America Lockbox Services
President and Fellows of Harvard College
Lockbox #415649
2 Morrissey Blvd.
Dorchester, MA 02125

    Harvard Chan NSF Applications ONLY:

    Register under Harvard University DUNS - NOT Harvard Chan:

    • New User:  Must register in using HU DUNS 082359691
    • Existing Users: NSF account must be affiliated with HU DUNS 082359691
    • All Users: Must ensure proper role is assigned to account (e.g., PI/co-PI)
    • PI/co-PI role: Once the role is granted, the PI/co-PI will need to take certain steps in NSF to complete registration
    • Instructions: Register for an NSF Account, Add Role, & Add Affiliation
    • Note: GM should confirm that PIs/co-PIs are registered with proper roles


    For NSF Proposal Applications:

    • Submission: Must use, unless exception in NSF FOA
    • DUNS #: Use HU Duns 082359691 (NOT Harvard Chan)
    • EIN: 042103580
    • Awardee Organization Code: 0021550000
    • Address of Awardee: Harvard University, 1033 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138-5369 (NOT Harvard Chan)
    • Primary Place of Performance: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
    • Subcontracts: Sub PIs & their institutions must register in
    • Note: GM should confirm Sub-PIs & their Institutions are registered with proper roles

    You can find Harvard University Institutional Information on the OSP Institutional Information Fact page.