Institutional Information

Legal Name: President and Fellows of Harvard College
Major Subdivision: School of Public Health
Address of Applicant Organization: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
677 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115-6028
Administrative Official Signing for Applicant Organization: Contact your SRA Representative
E-mail Address for Mailing Electronic Notice of Grant Awards:
Type of Organization: Private Nonprofit
Tax ID # (TN) 04-2103580
Congressional District: 7
For Applications, use MA-007
Entity ID# (EIN for NIH): 1042103580A6
AAALAC Accreditation Effective Date: 03/28/2019

NIH requirements
New NSF Account

1496173670000 (NIH applications only)
Must register using H.U. DUNS (082359691)

Harvard CAGE Code:


DHHS F&A Agreement Date: View the current agreement: 07/05/2019
Michael Leonard
DHHS Representative
(212) 264-2069
Institutional Profile #:  
Organizational Component Code (NIH):  
Vertebrate Animals IACUC/
Animal Welfare Assurance #:
D16-0020 (A3431-01)
Human Subjects Assurance of Compliance #: FWA00002642
Expiration Date:


IRB Registration No.: 0000161
Bank Routing Information: Contact your SPA representative
Media Contact: Todd Datz, Director of News and Online Communications
(617) 432-8413
Where to Mail Checks:

President and Fellows of Harvard College
P.O. Box 415649
Boston, MA 02241-5649

Send FEDEX payments to:
Band of America Lockbox Services
President and Fellows of Harvard College          Lockbox #415649
2 Morrissey Blvd.
Dorchester, MA 02125

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