PI Dashboard System

Harvard's PI Dashboard is a post-award management system that provides financial reporting and projection tools for Harvard's research community with both sponsored and non-sponsored funds. It provides summary information and also allows users to create and save projections, monitor spending, print reports, and manage a PIs full portfolio of funding. It is a pull and display system which means it pulls data from the data warehouse and displays the information in a way that is useful to the user. It does not “push” information to any other systems.



The dashboard’s user interface can be used to access key data points like balances and projected balances on accounts, account end dates, details about spending, fringe rates and object codes, and more. The dashboard also has several downloadable reports:

  • Account report which includes actuals vs. budget for the life of an account and can include projections
  • Multi-Account report which is a single workbook that includes the 'Totals by month' tab (from the account report) for each account in the root.
  • Root report which is a multi-tab report that gives you a wealth of information on all the PIs accounts.
  • Multi-Root report which is a root report that can be run to include accounts from multiple roots/PIs.
  • Personnel Plan Report which has a costing distribution view of personnel on the root. The workbook includes a list of personnel by person and by account. Current and projected costings (along with projected account balance in direct cost) are included.
  • Admin report which can list all the accounts in your portfolio including start and end dates, account strings and balances.

Login Information:

Click here to access the PI Dashboard. Please note, requires Harvard VPN connection to access the system


Request Access:

Ask your senior financial administrator (ADF) to go to the online Financial Application Request Form, select the PI Dashboard box, complete the required fields, and submit the form



Looking for help? The Harvard Chan School’s PI Dashboard Training & Support team (Rachel Link, Louis Venturelli, and Angela Brazeau) help to train our users and respond to questions and issues. Rachel and Louis are considered super users and are happy to answer questions. The team can be reached at dashboard@hsph.harvard.edu.



PI Dashboard release details




RAS Resource Page

Intro to PI Dashboard
Basic information about the PI Dashboard and a link to the site. Please note the application requires Harvard VPN to access.

School Access List
Information on how to request access to the PI Dashboard.

Using the System:

Projections functionality

Account level guides

Root level guides