Proposal Development

Gift vs Grant

Page Contents
  • Gift versus Grant Overview
  • Gift vs. Sponsored Research Policy
  • Gift Fund Ranges
  • Endowment Fund Ranges
  • Related Resources

Gift versus Grant Overview

A sponsored award is funded by an external (non-Harvard) source such as the federal government, foundations, and industry. Sponsored awards must be routed to the Harvard Chan...

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Non-Federal Sponsors

For non-federal sponsors, indirect costs rates, and bases for awards to Harvard within the last 5 years are available in GMAS on the “Recent overhead rates” section of each sponsor’s Organization page.

The University and the Harvard Chan School are committed to the recovery of the facilities and administrative costs incurred to support the performance of non-federal sponsored activities. For reasons of sound management and equitable stewardship of resources used in support of all sponsored activities, the...

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PI Eligibility

Page Contents

  • PI Eligibility Overview
  • PI Eligibility Policy
  • Policy Document and Resources

PI Eligibilty Overview

PIs on research grants must have a faculty appointment or other eligible academic/research appointment at the Harvard Chan School.  The...

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Developing a Budget


A budget provides details of the expenses necessary to complete the proposed work in the research plan.  Carefully read the sponsor guidelines, Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), and/or the Request For Proposal (RFP) when putting together a budget, as each sponsor has their own set of budgetary requirements and templates.  Note: Whether a sponsor requires a formal budget or not, Harvard Chan School requires that an internal excel budget and...

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Funding Sources

Sponsored Funding

Much of the research conducted at The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is supported through funding from departments/ agencies that sponsor research, training, and/or service activities through various types of agreements. Harvard Principal Investigators (PIs), submit proposals for funding to sponsors, through our Sponsored Programs Administration Offices.

Though most of Harvard's sponsored portfolio comes from federal sponsors, funding has also been...

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