PI Eligibility

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  • PI Eligibility Overview
  • PI Eligibility Policy
  • Policy Document and Resources

PI Eligibilty Overview

PIs on research grants must have a faculty appointment or other eligible academic/research appointment at the Harvard Chan School.  The PI Eligibility Policy articulates the School’s policy on appointees’ eligibility to serve as PI on grants submitted through the School. The PI Eligibility Overview is a checklist of PI eligibility by appointment and award type. The PI Eligibility Waiver form needs to be completed for individuals who have a faculty or other academic appointment at the School but who are not employed by the Harvard Chan School or approved affiliate.

PI Eligibility Policy

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health faculty have a range of appointment and employment arrangements as a result of the extent of our collaborations across Harvard and affiliated institutions. These circumstances require that we make decisions about PI status on grant submissions. The purpose of this policy is to articulate the Harvard Chan School’s determination of appointees’ eligibility to serve as PI on grants submitted through the Harvard Chan School.

Policy Documents and Resources

For questions about the policy or eligibility status, please contact Heather Conrad (hconrad@hsph.harvard.edu).