Proposal Development

Limited Submissions

Limited Submission Opportunites

Each year a number of federal and non-federal funders announce funding opportunities and awards for which the school or university is either restricted to submit a limited number of applications or is required to endorse nominees. Applications for these awards are available by invitation only (i.e., potential candidates may not apply directly to the specific foundations for these programs) and thus nominees must be internally screened and selected. 

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Budget Justification

Budget justifications indicate how and why the proposed expenses listed in the budget help to meet the project aims. A budget that is adequately and appropriately justified is the best way to ensure a productive cost analysis by the sponsor. Justifications should include the major cost categories listed in the checklist below.

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Boot Camp Training

Boot Camp is a training resource developed by the Harvard Chan School. It reviews key aspects of the award life cycle and provides tools for effective award management. The training is recommended for all  new hires. It is also available for experienced Research Administrators who are interested in refreshing their award management skills. The complete training consists of six sessions. Presentation materials and Zoom video recordings are available for each session. New hires should view the trainings in order and review both the slides and the Zoom recordings for optimal learning....

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ICA Planning Guide

International Collaborations and Activities Planning Guide

Investigators who conduct research outside the United States may encounter regulations and policies different than those that govern research in the U. S. Regulations may differ in the areas of human subjects, taxation, employment, real estate, licensing, or other matters. Additionally, U.S. export-control...

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International Research

International Projects and Collaboration (ICA)



Harvard strongly values its international connections and considers the free exchange of ideas among students and scholars across the globe to be paramount to the University’s mission. Nevertheless, the accurate identification and review of research projects that include international components is necessary to ensure compliance with the numerous...

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Statement of Work (SOW)


The Statement of Work (SOW) is the heart of any subagreement at Harvard University. Similar to the Project Description/Research Plan, it describes the proposed work to be performed on a research project or sponsored activity. It is designed to provide ta full and detailed explanation of the proposed activity, typically including project goals, specific...

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