Internal Proposal Deadlines

IMPORTANT: ALL sponsored proposals MUST be routed to and reviewed by the Harvard Chan School SPA office, whether or not the sponsor requires an institutional signature and/or allows the proposal to be submitted directly by the PI. 

Please Note: Use the Proposal Submission Deadline Calculator to ensure that you meet required deadlines for submitting to SPA. If a proposal deadline for internal review is missed, please refer to the Late Proposal Policy, submit a Late Proposal Notification Form, and SPA will complete an Expedited Review


Proposal Deadlines for Internal Review

  • 10 BUSINESS DAYS prior to Sponsor due date, by 10 am EST:
    • Due to Department: Draft of application, including subcontract materials if applicable, is due from PI to department
  • 7 BUSINESS DAYS prior to Sponsor due date, by 10 am EST:
    • Due to SPA: Final application (when Harvard is Prime) is due from department to SRA. Note: On rare occasions the PI may choose to continue editing the science past the 7-day deadline but please be aware some modifications to science can trigger Provost review or impact the administrative components of a proposal requiring additional SPA review. If a PI chooses to revise the science after the deadline, we cannot guarantee submission will occur by the deadline.
    • Due to Department: Draft RPPRs (Continuations & Finals), Subaward proposals (when Harvard is not Prime), and Supplements are due from the PI to department
  • 5 BUSINESS DAYS prior to Sponsor Due date by 10 am EST:
    • Due to SPA: Final RPPRs (Continuations & Finals), Subaward proposals, and Supplements are sent from department to SRA
    • Due to Provost: Proposals including Internal proposals) meeting Provost Criteria are sent to the Office of the Provost by SPA. The Provost Criteria can be found at this link
Note: All proposals will receive an Expedited Review when submitted past the deadlines outlined above. Therefore, SPA will be unable to provide our full standard level of review and scrutiny for the components of the submission.