OAIR (Outside Activity and Interest Reporting)

On January 25, 2021, Harvard University will be launching a University-wide Outside Activity and Interest Reporting (OAIR) system that will replace the current Financial Conflict of Interest (fCOI) reporting system. GMAS recently integrated with OAIR and retired the fCOI and OAR approvals. This new integration helps to streamline the institutions obligation to collect and review outside activities and interests for investigators associated to grant applications and awards into the existing GMAS workflow.

The new OAIR system will be available for faculty and academic appointees to report new and updated outside professional activities and other related interests. Faculty and Investigators who previously reported in fCOI will be able to log in to the new application to address requirements.

The information provided below will assist research administrators with the new system and processes.


Important Dates

  • Old fCOI system decommissioned – January 15, 2021
  • System outage (neither system is available) – January 15, 2021 (close of business) until January 25, 2021
  • New OAIR system launch (OAIR, https://oair.harvard.edu/) – January 25, 2021

Information Sessions

If you are curious about the new system and have questions, HUIT is offering information sessions that administrators are welcome to attend. These are completely optional as this is not a system that you will be using directly. If interested, please register here: https://ras.fss.harvard.edu/oair.


Communication to Faculty

If faculty try to access the sites during the outage this week, there will be a message explaining when it will be available again. The old site will also redirect them to the new system. We have communicated with faculty at their monthly departmental meetings regarding system and policy changes and there will be additional follow-up via email this month as well as when the annual reporting cycle starts. Your ADF will be copied on these emails and can share those communications with you.


Annual Reporting Cycle (starting March 1st)

Faculty will be asked to complete their Outside Activity and Interest Report as well as their Faculty Activity Report via email on March 1st. They will receive a detailed email with instructions on how to complete these reports. They will have a month to complete the reports. Faculty will report at https://oair.harvard.edu/. Your ADF will be copied on the email that goes to faculty and can share that communication with you.


GMAS OAIR Approvals & Research Certifications

You will notice that the GMAS OAIR approvals will look different once the new system is online. They will be renamed, have different statuses and the old approvals will move to legacy status. SRAs will be reviewing these approvals prior to proposal submission and award setup. In addition, a process change will require Investigators on PHS+ sponsored awards to complete a research certification in the OAIR system prior to award setup. They will be prompted to do this via email from the OAIR system. We encourage you to review the Harvard Chan School Procedure and Cheat Sheet which provide more detailed information on GMAS OAIR approval statuses, what they mean and how they are triggered. These documents are also found on the HCSRA website.


Who to Contact

  • For policy questions and clarification on what to disclose, please ask faculty to contact Angela Brazeau directly.
  • For process and GMAS-specific questions, please contact your SRA. Note that these approvals are also new for your SRA so we appreciate your patience as we all learn together.
  • For OAIR system-specific questions, please contact oairhelp@harvard.edu.


Document For... Summary
OAIR Project Fact Sheet Faculty, Investigators, and Staff Basic information about the new Outside Activity and Interest Reporting (OAIR) system.
OAIR Guidance - Support Staff Basics Support Staff Basic information about OAIR, with contacts and a reference list of support tools.
OAIR Discloser Guide (For faculty) Faculty and Researchers A guide for faculty and researchers that includes steps for submitting a certification and responding to reviewer clarification requests.
OAIR Reviewer Guide  COI Administrators and Reviewers A guide for COI administrators reviewers that includes the certification workflow along with steps for tracking and managing reviews.
GMAS-OAIR Integration Guide Grant Managers and Research Administrators A guide for individuals who work with sponsored projects that may have OAIR approvals for Investigators in GMAS.







Harvard Chan School-specific Info