SPA Expedited Review

Please Note: If a proposal deadline for internal review is missed, please refer to the Late Proposal Policy, submit a Late Proposal Notification Form, and SPA will complete an Expedited Review


SPA Review of Late Proposals (Expedited Review)



To explain the Expedited Review process utilized on proposals received after the 7 day deadline. SPA is unable to conduct full review of late proposals. On time submissions will be prioritized for review. Late proposals will be reviewed based on SRA capacity.


GMAS Signature Clarification

Before signing the proposal in GMAS, it is the responsibility of both the PI and Department to review the sponsor requirements, applicable Harvard policies, the GMAS record, and the proposal documents. Once signed in GMAS, this authorizes SPA to submit the proposal as it appears in GMAS at the time the request is routed for signature.


SPA will provide good faith effort in the review of late proposals with a focus on

  • Sponsor guidelines (and Prime Sponsor, if applicable)*
  • Provost Criteria**
  • Budget and budget justification
  • Sponsor systems (for example workspace, ASSIST, Fastlane, etc.)
  • Harvard policies (for example F&A/IDC rate, Effort level, etc.)
  • GMAS approvals (for example FCOI, Participation Agreements, etc.)
  • Authorization from external collaborators (for example SOIs, Consultant letter(s), etc.)


Open lines of communication between the PI, the Department and SPA are expected and encouraged in order to increase the successful submission of late proposals.


*Please inform your SRA of unusual sponsor terms and deadline requirements

**Late Proposals are not exempt from the 5-day Provost Office deadline. Please inform your SRA as early as possible if the proposal meets any Provost Criteria.