eRA Commons

To request an eRA Commons ID through HSPH, submit an eRA Commons Account Request Form

eRA Commons Overview

Electronic Research Administration (eRA) is an online interface where grant applicants, grantees and federal staff at NIH and grantor agencies can access and share administrative information relating to research grants.

eRA Commons users, based on their role, can conduct a variety of business in Commons, including:

Track the status of their grant applications through the submission process, view errors and/or warnings and check the assembled grant image.

  • View summary statements and score letters following the initial review of their applications.
  • View notice of award and other key documents.
  • Submit Just-in-Time information (signing officials only) requested by the grantor agency prior to a final award decision.
  • Submit an annual progress report electronically using the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR).
  • Submit the required documentation, including the Financial Status Report/Federal Financial Report, Final Research Performance Progress Report, and Final Invention Statement to close out the grant.

Submit Prior Approval requests, including no-cost extensions, carryover, change of PD/PI, and withdrawal of an application.

eRA Commons Accounts

Requesting an Account

eRA Commons accounts must be created by submitting an NIH eRA Commons Account Request Form. SPA will create, affiliate, and modify accounts for Harvard Chan School employees.

Affiliating/Unaffiliating Account [Switching Institutions]

Harvard T.H. Chan School could affiliate and unaffiliate people to/from the School but not from other Institutions or Harvard schools. Therefore, if a person currently has an account affiliated with another institution/school, SPA could add/remove our school's affiliation (submit request form) but the person will have to use a different process to remove their previous institution's affiliation. This could be done using one of 2 methods: 1) Person directly contacts institution to request that they unaffiliate the account or 2) In eRA Commons, the person could select Harvard Chan School as the Primary Organization using the Institution module of eRA Commons. Note: It is possible to have multiple affiliations tied to one Commons account but the current institution has to be selected as the Primary Organization.

Resetting a Password and Updating Email, Account Type, and/or Role

To reset the password, person could use one of 2 methods: 1) Submit request form or 2) Reset password in the eRA Commons system. If the person has to update their email, account type, and/or role, submit request form.

Still Having Trouble Logging In?

If a person forgot their username or email (or can't access the email) used to create the account, submit request form or contact Laura ChauFor more information, refer to the Having Trouble Logging in to eRA Commons? flyer and eRA Commons FAQs. The person could also submit a ticket to the eRA Commons Helpdesk.

When requesting an eRA Commons account the following will be asked

  • Do you currently have an eRA Commons account?
  • Request Type
    • New Security
    • Add Harvard T.H. Chan School Affiliation
    • Add Account Type
    • Update E-mail Address
    • Reset Password
  • Account Role (if new role needed)
    • PI (If you are applying for a grant in your name)
    • Assistant/ASST (Grant management support; for admin staff)
    • Trainee (for Training Grant appointments and terminations)
    • Undergraduate Student (Undergrad participating in NIH grant)
    • Graduate Student (Grad participating in NIH grant)
    • Post-doc (Postdoc participating in NIH grant. Select "PI" for fellowship in your name)
  • Person's information needed to create account:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Birth Date
    • Preferred User Name
    • Alternate User Name
    • Department or Center Name