PI Dashboard Annual Fiscal Year & Balance Forward Schedule FY22-23

July 11, 2022
The HUIT PI Dashboard team is finalizing preparations for the annual fiscal year/balance forward rollover process (ie. rolling over the balances for non-sponsored accounts to the new fiscal year). This year, the rollover is scheduled for Monday evening, August 8, 2022.
You may run FY22 year-end versions of the Non Sponsored account reports in the PI Dashboard between the first business day after the third closing (expected to be Monday, July 20) and before 5 pm on the day of the production fiscal year cutover (expected to be Monday, August 8). Note that after this, account reports will contain FY23 & FY22 data but FY21 data will no longer be available.
Also, note that you will still be able to see accurate non-sponsored account balances by looking at the account actuals in the PI Dashboard user interface. Please reach out to dashboard@hsph.harvard.edu with any questions or concerns.