Reminder: Institutional Letters of Support Signed by the Dean

October 3, 2022
The Office of Research Strategy and Development (ORSD) coordinates all letters of institutional support that are to be signed by the Dean’s Office (Michelle Williams, Dean of the Faculty), including letters of institutional commitment, which are used for all training and Center grants that will provide graduate student support. ORSD enhances and strengthens the language used in the letters and, upon request, can provide templated language to assist in drafting letters.

IORSD may monetize resources (financial support, effort support, and programmatic support) being committed (new) or leveraged (existing) at the School. Some of these resources fall under Cost Sharing that is committed (must be recorded in GMAS) and/or uncommitted (not recorded in GMAS). If you have questions regarding an institutional LOS or need assistance in determining the Cost Sharing type and/or source, please contact Vanessa Barton (ORSD) or Catalina Diaz (SPA).
Please note that institutional LOS require multiple levels of review and, therefore, should be submitted to ORSD as soon as possible and, ideally, at least one week prior to the SPA internal deadline.