New Award Management Checklist for Research Administrators

November 21, 2022

Source: OSP Website

OSP is excited to announce a new tool for Research Administrators to assist with the management of sponsored awards. The Award Management Checklist is now available as a supplemental “Resource” to the Closeout and Reporting Policy for Sponsored Awards. This checklist was developed by the University-wide Operations and Policy Committee (OPC) with input from schools and local units. It includes a comprehensive list of activities that should be performed during the award and specific activities that should be performed at closeout.

The Award Management Checklist is a downloadable Excel file, so it can easily be customized based on specific award terms or to complement local procedures and controls. The checklist can assist with tracking the broad range of compliance activities that must be monitored throughout an award and can be a useful resource for new or existing grant managers. With the checklist being a “tool” for Research Administrators, usage of the Award Management Checklist is not a requirement by OSP.

Please note: The Award Management Checklist should be saved and tracked locally (not in GMAS).