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Do you have a question, suggestion, or feedback but not sure who to contact? HCSRA IS HERE TO HELP!


We introduce you to HCSRA Helps. Please feel free to fill out the anonymous form whenever you have a question, suggestion, or would like to provide feedback in any area of Research Administration. Your requests will be reviewed by the management team on a weekly basis. If you would like a personal reply to your request, please fill out the contact information section of the form and we will happily reply to your request. Responses to anonymous requests may be answered here or on the HCSRA Highlights. We look forward to hearing from you!


What can HCSRA Helps be used for:

  • Suggest a training topic
  • Questions on Policies and Procedures
  • Suggestions for the HCSRA website or HCSRA Highlights
  • Forms/Templates feedback or suggestions
  • Pre/Post-Award Metrics feedback or suggestions
  • General feedback or suggestions
  • Or anything else you would like us to hear
Who will be reviewing my request:

The management team members are Angela Brazeau, Melissa Francis, Kristie Lister, Catalina Diaz, Jennifer Neira, Patrick O’Neill, Kay Sullivan, and Frank Urso

What are some request examples:
  • Could you please host a training on the new NIH Other Support Guidelines?
  • Would it be possible to add a “Department Comments” section to the Pre-Award Metrics?
  • Here are some suggestions I have for the "At-Risk" Business Process
Requests and Responses:
  • As a way to help others with similar questions, responses to anonymous requests may be featured in this section or on the HCSRA Highlights




HCSRA Helps Response

Training Suggestion

"The subcontracts process with SRAs/Angie for subs out. There was a process document at one point a year ago but the flow of the process is still at times unclear and unsure if the doc was ever completed."

4/30/2021: We have added the subaward process document to the Research Administration Police and Procedure Committee (RAPPC) workplan. RAPPC will review, revise, and finalize the current subaward process document. Once the process has been finalized, we will host a https://hcsra.sph.harvard.edu/fishbowl-tuesdays training session. More information to follow.

Policy/Procedure Question "Clear guidance with GMAS notices (consistency with emails/SRA). See current R&A email notifications. Instructions indicate the checklist is a guide (not required to submit) and the allocation spreadsheet is an optional guide for accounts with more than one string. Some SRAs are requiring the account spreadsheet/checklist for all awards, regardless of action/# of accounts. Hoping maybe language in the emails will be consistent with SRA requirements, so it is clear what is actually required."

The following items have been revised to provide clarification: