Learning and Development

There are many educational resources at the School and University for Harvard Chan School Research Administrators. At times it’s hard to know where to begin so please take a moment to check out these Learning and Development pages on the menu tab above.

  • Fishbowl Tuesdays:  1 to 1 1/2 hour sessions covering a wide range of topics and polices.
  • New Research Administrators:  Classes to help you get started.
  • Core Curriculum PreAward:  To build a solid pre-award foundation these classes are highly recommended.
  • Core Curriculum PostAward: To build a solid post-award foundation these classes are highly recommended.
  • SPA Corner:  A space for SPA and research administrator to share their knowledge.

One thing for sure is that learning is a continuous process and comes about through the application of what is learned in a classroom, Zoom session, online training and when we share what we learn with one another. In this respect each of you are our most valuable educational resources!