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October 2019

The GMAS Non-Financial Report Scheduler allows grant managers to schedule all non-financial reports required for a sponsored research project. This GMAS feature allows grant managers to capture due dates and set email reminders decreasing the chance of late or forgotten reports. It is highly recommended that once grant managers receive an action memo for a new award that they review and determine which non-financial reports are required and enter them in the GMAS non-financial report scheduler.

NOTE: HART allows you to run a report of all the scheduled GMAS reports for your org or the funds you manage. This is a very helpful planning and organizational tool. The report titled “Scheduled Reports” can be found under the Grants Management dashboard in HART. The parameters can be changed in multiple ways to meet various needs. By default, the dashboard returns all Scheduled Reports due on or before the end of the current month. If you’d like to see reports due beyond the current month, extend the due date in the parameters

September 2019

Did you know that you could download a Current and Pending support page directly from GMAS?  Even better, the May 2019 release includes the following improvements:

  • Proposed effort on pending projects
  • Proposed dollars from the first budget period on pending projects
  • Project Number
  • Both Sponsor and Prime Sponsor
  • Projects with unawarded continuations or supplements

You can also add the project summary in the segment home page, and the information will automatically be included once you run the next report.

screenshot of GMAS

You can find detailed instructions on how to create the report on the Current and Pending Support job aid.