Return to Landmark Guide

March 4, 2022

In the Return to Landmark Guide, you will find more detailed information to help you prepare for your first day

Before you come to campus for the first time, there are a few important steps you must take: 

And a few things you should plan to bring with you on your first day back:

  • A face mask. Everyone is required to wear masks while on campus. Upon arriving, you’ll need to switch to a medical mask provided by the School. Please feel free to take more than one to use throughout the day.
  • Your Harvard ID, Landmark entrance fob, headset, and the keys to your office, desk, or filing cabinets.
  • Your laptop. IT staff will be on site to help folks set up. Plan to use an hour or two that first day to get back online, sync your files, reconnect with printers, etc.

BookIT - Hotel Space Reservations at Landmark

Reserving a hoteling space is a quick and easy process that can be done via self-service. This document includes numerous screenshots that will guide you through the process. To reserve your hoteling station, please visit the BookIt Hotel Space Reservations site. To view the visual floor plan for hotel spaces at Landmark, please view the LM3 Floor Plan.

Flexible Commuting to Campus

While some employees may be returning to the campus full time, others may continue their hybrid work schedules. With this in mind, Transportation Services is providing an update to flexible commuting programs and services to meet the shifting needs of the Harvard community. For program updates, please visit Please also note that these discounted garages are mainly located near Harvard's campus, however there are shuttle services that can take you to Landmark.