The Reinvention of Subagreements in GMAS

January 27, 2023

Important Information for Anyone Working with Subagreements

Dear Colleagues,

The GMAS Team and Subagreement Committee are working together to reinvent the subagreement process, with a release date of February 27, 2023.

The new subagreement process will:

  • Enhance communication features in GMAS
  • Create a workflow that supports each role involved with subagreements
  • Provide visibility into the steps of the new GMAS supported subagreement workflow (i.e., subagreement dashboard)
  • Improve “findability” of subagreement documents in the GMAS document repositories

These process changes are the result of ongoing Subagreement Committee meetings, design sessions, and feedback from more than 20 outreach sessions with representatives from across the university. Specific training sessions for Central Office and Department users to be held. Save the date and register in advance GMAS Subagreement Training for Departments  February 16, 2023, 2:00PM, held at the University Research Management Meeting (RMM). Also refer to the Fishbowl slides from January 10, 2023: Fishbowl Tuesday: GMAS Subagreement Module Roadshow Slides

For questions, please contact one of the GMAS Subagreement Committee Members listed below:



Email Address


Jessica Perreault, Jessica Abildgaard, Oscar Romero Gonzalez



Christina Kennedy


Jennifer Neira


Cynthia Martini