PeopleSoft Job Aid Consolidation

May 16, 2022

Source: Harvard Administrative News

To coincide with the PeopleSoft 62 release on May 23, 2022, improvements will be made to the findability of job aids on the Harvard Training Portal, as well as the organization of information contained in the job aids.

The general changes to improve the findability of PeopleSoft information include:

  • Consolidation of related tasks and information into single Administrator job aids (e.g., reducing the five PeopleSoft hire form job aids to a single document).
  • Elimination of Administrator, Employee Self-Service, and Manager Self-Service job aids with low page views and usage.
  • Modification of the help links on pages within PeopleSoft to directly open the job aid PDF in a separate browser window, instead of opening within the Harvard Training Portal.
  • Improvements to the naming convention and tagging of PeopleSoft-specific job aids in the Harvard Training Portal to optimize searching and findability.
  • Creation of Knowledge Articles (ServiceNow) for commonly viewed Employee Self Service job aids (e.g., View Paycheck) as an alternative support option.

As some of the links of the commonly viewed job aids may have changed, below is a list you can refer to update any bookmarks or local websites.  For any questions or issues, please log a ticket with the HR Systems team by emailing

Consolidated Job Aids:

Job Aid Name Consolidated Job Aid
  • LHT Quick Hire
  • Quick Hire Other
  • Quick Hire Temp
  • Monthly Quick Hire
  • Quick Hire Student
PeopleSoft Hire Forms
  • Performance Mgmt: Create Documents
  • Performance Mgmt: Administrative Tasks
  • Performance Mgmt: Reports
  • Performance Mgmt: Security Roles
  • Admin Lite, Admin Limited Roles
  • Performance Mgmt: Admin Checklist
PeopleSoft: ePerformance Administrator
  • Complete the Exit Interview (HR Representative)
  • Create the Exit Interview (Admin)
PeopleSoft: ePerformance Exit Interview
  • Honors and Awards Extract/Upload
  • Job Data Upload
  • Job Code Extract/Upload
  • Term Appointment Extract and Upload
  • University Mailing Extract and Upload Process
  • License and Certificate Data
  • Position Extract/Upload
  • Costing Upload
  • Schedule Change Upload
PeopleSoft: Extract/Upload Processes
  • Preparing a One Time/Recurring an Additional Pay Form
  • Pay Form (Prepare/Submit) Work Instructions
  • Third-Party Gift Form
  • Additional Pay Upload
PeopleSoft: Additional Pay Processes