New Resource: GMAS Approvals Quick Sheet

June 10, 2020
Image of a pink highlighter checking off boxes

GMAS Approvals Quick Sheet

In order to conduct sponsored research, GMAS maintains the approvals provided below.  Some approvals have to be complete at Proposal Stage, while other have to be completed at Award Stage.  Since this could cause confusion, we created a GMAS Approvals Quick Sheet for your reference.  A copy of this resource could also be accessed on the HCSRA Business Process page.

  • Additional Staff and/or Space
  • Administrative Salaries
  • Animals (IACUC Approval)
  • Biohazards/rDNA (COMS Approval)
  • Cost Sharing
  • Federal Debarment - Subrecipients
  • Federal Debarment - Training Grant Trainees
  • Financial Conflict of Interest (fCOI)
  • Foreign/Overseas Component
  • Harvard's Use of Name
  • Human Subjects (IRB Approval)
  • Interfaculty Involvement
  • Participation Agreement
  • Stem Cells