HCSRA Hint: Who Must Be Included on the GMAS Research Team?

June 27, 2022

We recently announced that the University released the GMAS Research Team guidance and Roles and Responsibilities, effective July 1, 2022 (may be adopted sooner, if desired). Please review the documents carefully, as it's no longer the expectation that all personnel paid from the award or performing research on the award should be included on the research team. 

Who Must Be Listed

  • Principal Investigators (the PI will automatically default to the research team)
  • Harvard Co-PIs
  • Harvard Senior/Key Personnel (or the equivalent, based on the sponsor’s definition)
  • Harvard Investigators as designated by the PI per the Public Health Service (PHS) definition
  • Harvard-based Faculty participating in the project, even if not considered Key Personnel or Investigators
  • For Harvard Chan School: Subrecipient Investigators, if their institution ISN'T in the FDP Clearinghouse or DOESN'T have their own fCOI policy*

Who Not to Include

  • TBD/TBN roles
  • Consultants
  • Other Significant Contributors (OSC) on NIH awards who are not Harvard faculty
  • For Harvard Chan School: Subrecipient Investigators, if their institution IS in the FDP Clearinghouse or DOEShave their own fCOI policy*


* To determine whether a subrecipient organization has their own fCOI policy, check the FDP clearinghouse website or refer to the the subrecipient's statement of intent (SOI). Also, refer to Harvard Chan School's OAIR Cheat Sheet and OAIR Procedure for details on the fCOI/OAIR process for subrecipients.