HCSRA Hint: GMAS Research Team and Changes in Committed Effort 

February 22, 2022

While the University is updating the GMAS Research Team guidance, to include the new GMAS request, we would like to provide a clarification to help reduce the number of unnecessary requests. Committed effort on the GMAS research team should not be updated to match actual effort or salary costing, unless there is a change in committed effort. Changes to costing/actual expended effort may indicate that a request to change the individual’s effort commitment to the sponsor is in order, but these changes do not themselves constitute a change to the committed effort per the University definition (provided below)

Committed Effort: Amount or percentage of time an individual has communicated to the sponsor that they will work on a specific sponsored project over a specified period of time. Commitments are made in the award proposal and may be documented by the sponsor in award documents. Changes to reduce committed effort may require sponsor approval.