FY22 Q4 Quarterly Project Certifications & FY22 Annual Effort Certifications due October 20, 2022

September 12, 2022

Review Period: 8/31/2022 - 9/20/2022
Certification Period: 9/21/2022 - 10/20/2022

Prior Approvals: Please keep the originally committed effort in mind when reviewing certifications for any personnel listed on NIH award letters that require prior approval to reduce effort by 25% or greater.

Proxy Approval Form: A proxy approval form is required if a faculty member is unable to sign his/her own Annual Faculty Effort Certification. Proxy requests must be approved by the school's Tub Effort Coordinator and the authorized approver in OSP. The 2 Types of Proxy Forms are: 

  • Proxy Request for Non-Faculty Annual Certifiers. For 6030 Research Associate or Non-PI other academic appointee or 6120 Non-PI or other academic appointee and the Proxy is the assigned mentor or PI on the award that funds the salary to be certified.
  • Proxy Request for Faculty Annual Certifiers. For Faculty Annual Certifiers (6010 & 6020). Harvard University requires that faculty serving as PIs certify their salary on an annual basis. Requests for Proxies for faculty annual certifiers will only be granted by OSP in unavailability circumstances of enduring unavailability