SPA Leadership

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) Leadership Team

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) Leadership provide expertise on areas of sponsored research administration. Areas include Pre-award & RAST, Post-award & Compliance, and Staff Education & Outreach.

Frank Urso

Chief Research Administration Officer

  • Oversees Research Administration, including;
    • Sponsored Programs Administration
    • Academic Departmental Research Administration

Angela Brazeau

Director of Research Administration & Project Management

  • Pre-Award & RAST
  • Manages RAST
  • OAIR and fCOI



Patrick O'Neill

Director of
Research Administration

  • Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA)
  • Manages AD Team
  • Provost Criteria

Melissa Francis

Senior Associate Director, Research Administration

  • Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA)
  • Manages SRA Team
  • Other Support

Kristie Lister

Senior Associate Director, Research Policy, Compliance, & Cost Analysis

  • Post-Award & Compliance
  • Manages Compliance Team
  • Fixed Price Balances

Kay Sullivan

Senior Associate Director of Research Finance & Administration

  • Post-Award
  • Manages Ops Team
  • Manages Subagreements
  • Reporting

Jennifer Neira

Associate Director of Research Administration Education

  • Education & Outreach
  • Export Controls
  • Use of Harvard Name