Award Management

Quick Guide for Researchers

The Quick Guide for Researchers highlights the top 12 issues surrounding research administration and compliance and provides a brief explanation of each topic, clarifies the researcher’s key responsibilities, and identifies University resources for additional help and information.  This guide is intended for all University researchers, and identifies which responsibilities are specific to the Principal Investigator.  Read more about Quick Guide for Researchers

Effort Reporting

Source: OSP Website

Effort Reporting & Salary Certification

The Federal government requires that faculty members or other knowledgeable individuals report and certify compensation and cost shared effort on federal awards. Harvard University...

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Award Management

Below are classes recommended for research administrators that are involved in oversight, administration and communication throughout the post-award life cycle.

Fishbowl Presentations

Fishbowl Tuesdays at the Harvard Chan School are 1 to 1 1/2 hour training sessions held on a regular basis during the academic year. Since October 20, 2020, we have covered topics such as Prior Approvals (Letters to Sponsors), Communicating with Your PI About Effort, Federal Disclosure Requirements, International Collaborations and Activities, Provost Criteria and Statement of Work. Copies of presentation materials are sent to attendees via email following each session. If you missed a session you can find copies of the materials in the table below (HarvardKey login required)....

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There are many educational resources at the School and University for Harvard Chan School Research Administrators. At times it’s hard to know where to begin so please take a moment to check out these Learning and Development pages on the menu tab above.

Training Section Outline

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Award Management

Award Management is a process that encompasses University, school and sponsor policies and procedures pertinent to the project. It is often referred to as the “post award” phase of the life cycle of an award. Sound management of sponsored funds is critical in maintaining the public trust in research results and outcomes, its trust as research participants, and its trust in how public and private funds are spent.

Sound financial management of sponsored awards involves regular review and reconciliation of project expenditures to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of...

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