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NIH Grant Policy Statement

NIH Grant Policy Statement

The following sections are particularly important for Award Management

7.  Cost Considerations:  This chapter addresses the general principles underlying the allowability of costs, direct costs, F&A costs, and highlights some of the specific costs and categories of cost fo NIH applicants and recipients.

8. Administrative Requirements:  This chapter covers things such as changes in project and budget, prior approval requirements, monitoring, special award conditions and enforcement actions, and closeout.

NSF Policy and Guidance

FDP Prior Approval Matrix

Award Management Systems


Login to Concur  (Travel and Expense)

Find more information on Concur training and resources.


ECRT (Effort Certification Reporting Technology)

HART (formerly OBI)

Login to Harvard Analytics and Reporting Tool (HART)  (formerly OBI)

Find more information on HART (formerly OBI)--how to get access, training, security settings.

PI Dashboard

Login to PI Dashboard

The PI Dashboard is a post award management and projections tool. It provides summary information and also allows users to create and save projections, monitor spending, print reports, and manage a PIs full portfolio of funding.

Find more information on how to get access and training, visit PI Dashboard and the HCSRA Info page.


WASABI – A Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health custom application designed for detailed budgeting of sponsored accounts, journal transactions and creation and approval of payroll actions. The Wasabi Basics class is required for all new SPH Wasabi users. Wasabi Hands-on Lab sessions ae also available to demonstrate features of Wasabi modules.

Please register for Wasabi class on the Harvard Training Portal.  Search for "wasabi" to see a listing of all classes.